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About Us

About Us

Kyarki Foundation started off as a Permaculture farm and appeared on the local newspaper Amar Ujala several times as one of the first successful chia (Salvia hispanica) farming experiments in the Himalayas. This farming trial allowed us to gain the trust of the local farmers and made us realise many of the challenges the hill tribes are facing today. We have thus defined five major focus areas for action to foster sustainable development in the hills of Uttarakhand. Our operations are now taking place in Neer Village, 20 km from Rishikesh, India.


Our Mission

We are working with the Neer's families of farmers to explore solutions to hill emigration. Our mission is to bring about Sustainable Development by promoting the United Nations SDGs for the villages we will adopt. Our focus areas are Social Responsibility, Sustainable Agriculture, Education, Agrotourism, and Research.




Focus Areas

Kyarki Foundation was initially born as a very simple concept to rent a piece of abandoned land in the Kyarki village and to live the life of the hill tribes of Uttarakhand to understand how to increase profits through innovative farming techniques.


The experience and the challenges we faced led us to mature a more integrated understanding of the issues the hill tribes need to resolve to bring about sustainable development. We have therefore defined five areas of action, namely Social Responsibility, Sustainable Agriculture, Education, Agrotourism, and Research.


These areas, as explained below, cover the majority of the UN-SDGs and will serve for the social and economic uplift of the indigenous peoples of the Uttarakhand hills.


The Kyarki Foundation was born in the Uttarakhand's Himalayas, a tremendously rich biological gene pool and home to a wealth of ancient spiritualities and traditions. Kyarki Foundation has been active since February 2017 in the Narendra Nagar region, where the Uttarakhand Ministry of Agriculture seeks to develop a Super Foods Cluster (SFC) in support of the global trends towards healthy and sustainable living. Following the successful examples of many other countries, Uttarakhand is also the first State of India to officially legalise the cultivation of industrial hemp.

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Our Team


KF's President

24 years old from Rishikesh, is a civil engineer with the passion for green development and social work.

As KF's president, his work mainly focuses on legal matters, social responsibility, field surveys, needs assessment and natural construction. Anant is also passionate about organic agriculture and ecology, as he is constantly building knowledge on the ways we can reduce our impact on Mother Earth



27 years old from Italy, is an agronomist and environmental geographer with the dream to bring positive change in the Himalayas.


Elias is vice-president and manages KF's international collaborations and research. He defines KF's farming strategies by exploring low-impact agriculture solutions and by studying the positive examples we have available around the globe.


Hemp Technical Advisor

Hana Gabrielová, from Czech Republic, is a 20 year veteran in the hemp and cannabis industry. Her career spans the gamut of policy, NGO and for-profit organisations. She has led advocacy and policy initiatives both in the EU and international arenas.  When she’s not on a plane you can find her at Biofarm Sasov in the Czech countryside, where her seed-to-shelf company Hempoint is based. Hempoint also offer consulting and distribute hemp seeds for farmers around the world. Additionally Hana is working on the development of cannabis industry standards with ICCI on a project called Patient Focused Certification.


Education Project Manager

Catherine, from Italy, is a multi-media artist and Art Therapy graduate, who has been involved with outreach programs in India over the past year.



Her aim is to bring a sustainable education in KF's villages, with a multi-disciplinary approach to learning. The focus is to provide nurturing and creative academic education based on the child's emotional and spiritual development.


Sales Manager

26-year old from Rishikesh and a Civil Engineering graduate, Abhinav has a social mission to take initiatives for the villagers of Uttarakhand who have been migrating to the urban areas.


Abhinav is Kyarki Foundation's Sales Manager. He connects the Organic Producer Groups of farmers with the Rishikesh market to promote the Foundation's supply chain and to ensure returns for the farmers joining our mission.


Neer Village Farming Operations Manager

19-year old from Neer Village, Mukesh represents the future of the Himalayas. 


Mukesh is Neer's Farming Operations Manager. He integrates new agricultural practices with the ancient wisdom of his hill tribe in a sustainable fashion. He manages the Organic Producer Group (OPG) of Neer and guides the local farmers as far as the Kyarki Foundation's superfoods supply chain is concerned.

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Amar Ujala - Rishikeshi Newspaper

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Amar Ujala - Rishikeshi Newspaper

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Amar Ujala - Rishikeshi Newspaper

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