“I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which,

if we unconsciously yield to it,

will  direct us aright”

Henry David Thoreau

What are the benefits of Agrotourism?

  • Creation of employment for farmers' family members.

  • Diversification and increase of income sources.

  • Enhancement of communication skills of the village dwellers.

  • Increase in the community's economic potential.

  • Education for the public about what agriculture really is.


What is our definition of Sustainable Tourism?


Said benefits need to be measured and proven. Likewise, said benefits must not lead to an equal number of negative consequences, i.e. employment must not lead to financial dependency, diversification must not lead to pollution, enhanced communication must not lead to cultural loss, increased economic potential must not lead to excessive materialism, and education for the public must not lead to mass tourism.


We seek to make Neer more attractive to tourists to:

  • enable the farmers to sell their fresh produce right on the spot;

  • favour the retail activities of the village shoppers and artisans;

  • attract the attention of the State Ministries to increase the chances for Neer to obtain funding for various goals and infrastructures; this in turn will help us bring up the needs of the nearby villages wishing to participate in our project;


With millions of tourists visiting Rishikesh to explore its spiritual and traditional heritage, we feel it makes sense to provide an alternative to those who wish to escape traffic, noise, and pollution to practice yoga and meditation immersed in Nature. On top of this, the contributions of our visitors will directly serve Kyarki Foundation for their informal achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


For this matter, we have delegated the Agrotourism Focus Area to Uddibaba Farms Camp & Cafe. For more information please visit Part of their profit is supporting Kyarki Foundation's cause as their Corporate Social Responsibility.