Focus Areas

Kyarki Foundation was initially born as a very simple concept to rent a piece of abandoned land in the Kyarki village and to experience the lifestyle of the hill tribes of Uttarakhand. Our goal was to understand how to increase profits through innovative organic agriculture.

The challenges we faced led us to mature a more integrated understanding of the issues the hill tribes need to resolve to bring about Sustainable Rural Development to revert hill emigration. We have therefore defined five areas of action, namely Social Responsibility, Sustainable Agriculture, Education, Agrotourism, and Research.
These areas, as explained below, cover many of the UN-SDGs and will serve for the social and economic uplift of the indigenous peoples in Kyarki and nearby villages. In 2019, we moved out of Kyarki and re-positioned our operations in Neer Village. 

Social Responsibility

Our first responsibility is to build an honest rapport with the local tribes and prove them our intention to favour their rights to a fair and healthy living. Within the current wave of sustainability, we understand how words such as “bio”, “eco”, “sustainable”, “organic”,  “social” and “fair” are being over- or misused. The intention to build up credence value and hide profit-oriented practices has today resulted into many associations and foundations deceiving fragile communities worldwide. This is what we seek to avoid.

Sustainable Agriculture

“Since 75 percent of the Indian population derives its livelihood from agriculture, and every fourth farmer in the world is an Indian, the impact of globalization on Indian agriculture is of global significance” 

[Vandana Shiva – Stolen Harvest: p.7]


The Neer Village area has a number of primary schools with which we seek to interact. For we believe education is of great importance for a healthier and happier future, we are now assessing various educational strategies and philosophies.


We are looking to build an intercultural and experienced team of workers and volunteers to support our educational activities at the primary schools. For proposals and ideas, drop us an email at


To counterbalance the proliferation of mass tourism businesses, we are promoting the concept of Agrotourism by promoting Uddibaba Farms Camp & Cafe. Uddibaba is an Eco-Tourism camp based in Neer Village. It directly involves the local villagers to diversify their source of employment. Uddibaba Farms Camp & Cafe attracts travelers and nature-lovers with an interest in hill farming and the Himalayan culture.


One of our main objectives is to become involved with sound research projects. We can provide funding and land availability to those who wish to conduct independent research falling within our objectives. In addition, we have been involved with external institutions and companies in the field of Agricultural Sciences.